Meat Wave Tour Dates

1 Our good friends in Meat Wave are crossing the pond to take their aggression out on the Brits. They are also repaying a ye’ol debt we owe for the Sex Pistols  by releasing a record in the United Kingdom. You are welcome and now we just owe you for a few records from Sabbath and […]


Sweet Cobra European Dates

In accordance to the Transatlantic Trade Agreement and Treaty of Versailles, The United States of America is shipping Sweet Cobra to Europe for 2 weeks. Jason, Grumpy, and Botchy will be exporting some of their new riffs while inspecting some European culture. If you meet up with them make sure you are extra nice to […]


HSR 2014 Preview

We’ve got some new releases coming in 2014 that we are excited to announce. We continue with our agenda of releasing great music by great people. I’m (John) working on a limited edition release with our good friends in Cloakroom. Jason continues to write & record incredible music via Sweet Cobra.  We continue to work […]


Sweet Cobra Get Rad

HSR036 – Sweet Cobra / Get Rad Split 7″

Sweet Cobra / Get Rad Split 7″  Buy Now 7″ Pressing Info: 440 Clear vinyl 265 Red vinyl 165 Blue vinyl Track list: Sweet Cobra – “Old Haunts (by Mat Arluck)” Sweet Cobra – “Complaints (Early Version)” Sweet Cobra – “Sprague Dawley (Reprise)” Get Rad – “Word Is Bond” Get Rad – “Who Can You Trust” […]


HSR038 – Jaye Jayle “The Road To New Mexico” 7″

Jaye Jayle “The Road to New Mexico” 7″ Buy Now 7″ Limited pressing of 300 Track list: Side A: The Road To New Mexico Side B: Ease Your Own Mind Jaye Jayle is Evan Patterson (YOUNG WIDOWS / OLD BABY). Jaye Jayle wasn’t a plan. Jaye Jayle was a desert dream, that exists solely based around […]


Meat Wave “Meat Wave” Buy Now LP Limited pressing of 500 on blue swirl. Track list: Keep Smoking 15 Years Brother It’s Not Alright Lurie Garden Chopping No Definition Bloodline Too Much Panopticon   “Meat Wave” was recorded by Gac early last year and was originally given away for free online and available physically on a small cassette-only […]